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Streamlining Success
with Quick Hire

Time is of the essence, and we understand the urgency behind every hiring decision. Introducing "Quick Hire" - your express lane to efficient, hassle-free recruitment. We're here to empower busy hiring managers, ensuring you can find the perfect talent without compromising on speed.

Sometimes a quick hire is not the right solution, sometimes we recommend the full consultancy process but if you require a quick hire then with our Quick Hire service, we've revolutionised the recruitment process, making it as swift and efficient as possible. Say goodbye to lengthy procedures and welcome a streamlined approach that allows you to place a hiring request, choose a payment plan, complete a hiring form, agree to terms, and kickstart the hiring process – all with just a few clicks.

Your Express Recruitment Journey

  1. Flexible Payment Plans: Choose a payment plan that suits your budget and recruitment goals. Our transparent options provide the flexibility you need to manage your hiring expenses efficiently.

  2. Complete the Hiring Form: Our user-friendly hiring form gathers essential information about the role, ensuring we have a comprehensive understanding of your requirements.

  3. Agree to Terms: Streamline the contractual process by agreeing to our straightforward terms. We believe in transparency and simplicity, making your Quick Hire experience seamless.

  4. Start Hiring with a Click: Once all elements are in place, initiate the hiring process with just a few clicks. Watch as our efficient system matches your needs with qualified candidates, bringing you closer to your next successful hire.

Why Quick Hire?

  • Save Time: Cut through the recruitment red tape and expedite your hiring process.

  • Effortless Process: Our user-friendly platform ensures a smooth journey from request to hire.

  • Customised Solutions: Tailor your hiring experience with flexible payment plans and personalized terms.


Because when time is money, every click counts. Start your swift and successful hiring journey today!

Our Plans


Initial Consultation & Advice

Get started with expert guidance. Our Initial Consultation & Advice package is your gateway to market insights and salary benchmarking. Enjoy a complimentary session with our experts, and gain valuable industry knowledge without any financial commitment.


The Start Up

Designed for startups and businesses with revenue less than £80k per year, The Start-Up plan is tailored to accommodate cash flow limitations. Benefit from a fixed fee of £3,000 per hire (up to 3 hires) with a payment term extension to 90 days, providing flexibility to growing businesses.


The CV Service

Need minimal assistance? The CV Service is your solution. We'll search, pre-qualify, and interview candidates, providing you with CVs. If you make a hire, pay only £5,000 or 15% of the basic salary, whichever is the highest, making it a cost-effective option for a more hands-on hiring approach.


The Headhunter

 We deploy an expert to target competitors and secure top talent for you. It's 25% of the candidate's salary, 10% due when you interview our candidates, and the remaining 15% upon successful hiring. A performance-driven approach, ensuring you invest only when results are achieved. 


The Hiring Manager

Let us take the reins. With The Hiring Manager plan, our team handles the entire recruitment process. For a fee of 15% of the candidate's salary or a flat rate of £8,000, sit back while we source, vet, and secure top talent for your team.


The Subscription Model

Ideal for frequent hires without an in-house team, The Subscription Model offers a cost-effective solution. Contact us for a customized quote tailored to your hiring needs. Enjoy a subscription that is approximately 40% cheaper than standard agency fees.


The In-House Recruiter

Get the expertise without the commitment. The In-House Recruiter plan provides you with a dedicated consultant on a project basis. Enjoy flexibility with day rates of £300 remote and £400 on-site. Perfect for businesses with intermittent hiring needs or when you are building a new team, eliminating the need for a permanent in-house recruitment function.

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